ACQUIRE AN EXCEPTIONAL LEVEL OF KNOW-HOW IN ANTI-AGING MEDICINE with the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine’s fellowship in Anti-aging Medicine.

The Anti-Aging Medicine Specialization (AAMS) is a fellowship organised by the World Society of Anti-aging Medicine (WOSAAM, 6500 physicians) . The AAMS is a continuous course, repeated every two years that you can join at any of the six seminars (modules) of 6 days. It provides an international diploma in Anti-aging Medicine to those who completed the AAMS program. As each seminar/module is separate, participants can obtain, next to the global diploma for the whole AAMS, a separate certificate of attendance for each seminar (module) they attend, and if they pass a separate exam for it, a certificate in competence.
All the important topics of anti-aging medicine are discussed and thoroughly presented with many practical tips for your practice and the necessary scientific evidence. For more information on the different modules in this program, please consult the detailed program attached.
Examples of topics are:

Positive psychological attitudes

Diet improvement

The longest life spans

Lifestyle improvement

Efficient nutritional therapies

Genetic typing testing

Sleep optimization

Safe hormone therapies


Daylight/darkness optimization

Stem cell therapies

Environmental health medicine

Digestion improvement

and many other crucial topics
Aims of the Anti-aging medicine specialization

Provide practical information to physicians on how to efficiently and safely practice anti-aging medicine

Provide university level courses with complete theoretical and practical information on each important topic
of anti-aging medicine.

Provide certificates and a diploma that attest the attendance of a physician to the courses and his competence.
The fellowship consists of six 6-day seminars (3 days taught courses and 3 days self-learning by DVD). On request, a larger part of the courses can be followed at home or in the office through self-learning with DVD as
the whole course is videotaped.
The program is made to learn you as a physician how to safely and efficiently apply anti-aging medical therapies.
Licensed physicians may attend the full 2-year program. Other health-professionals may attend after request and acceptance by the scientific committee.

The Anti-Aging Medicine Specialization that makes the difference... 


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