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Become a WOSAAM member ::
The WOSAAM associates its name to major Anti-Aging scientific congresses all over the world. 

The latest Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, organized in April 2008 in Paris under the aegis of WOSAAM was the largest Anti-Aging and Aesthetic event ever organised.


It's the belief of the society's Board of Directors that the best way for anti-aging medicine to advance is to be promoted through medical doctors competent in prescribing safe and scientific anti-aging therapeutics.


With the membership you will receive your Certificate as a WOSAAM Delegate. You may also get the benefit of "special member rates" on major international conferences and educational meetings Worldwide (First World congress on reversing aging), and will be a permanent relay for the WOSAAM Scientific Organisation.

Other Advantages as a WOSAAM member ::

Priority to submit COMMUNICATIONS to be a potential SPEAKER on WOSAAM Congresses and educational trainings Worldwide (see the upcoming events).


Get listed on the WOSAAM website (email protected) as an Anti-Aging expert (for Preventive and/or Aesthetic medicine).


List ARTICLES/STUDIES on line, create your own BLOG, participate to expert FORUMS, submit PATIENT CASES, obtain your personnal EMAIL address (@wosaam.ws), list your BOOKS in the online Library.

  Being updated about Major International Anti-Ageing events.

Get the Support of the WOSAAM experts for any complicate or legal situation a physician would encounter in its practice as an Anti-Aging doctor.


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Membership for Scientific Societies ::
Get your society affiliated and participate to the development of the Anti-Aging Medicine movement Worldwide.

The WOSAAM is presently a very fast growing International Society for Global Anti-Aging Medicine, with almost 6000 members all over the World.

The Goal of the WOSAAM is to promote Anti-Aging external and Internal medicine, gathering practitionners in the following fields: 
Aesthetic Dermatology and Surgery.
Anti-Aging Medicine, Preventive and Longevity Medicine & MediSpa.

With this membership your Society will be listed on the WOSAAM Website (1000 medical visitors/day) and mentioned as a partner to the Events in which the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine is involved.


Your Society will receive a WOSAAM Certificate as an affiliated partner, and your members will get the benefit of "Special Member Rates" on major international conferences.


In exchange, Affiliated Societies are expected to link the WOSAAM web address WOSAAM with eventually WOSAAM LOGO on their website.


Your society shall be able to elect/appoint its President or any individual of its choice, who shall become member of the scientific committee of events organised and supervised by the WOSAAM.


Affiliated Society Registration

By joining the WOSAAM, I accept to follow and apply the WOSAAM rules and goals as described 

It is the World Society's goals to have representatives or delegates in the various countries and regions of the world.

The role of a WOSAAM delegate is to inform WOSAAM's Board of Directors or Administrative Members of important new developments regarding anti-aging medicine in their country (local events, restrictions, local interest, etc.). Often the work just consists of directing a person in need of information to WOSAAM's Board of Directors or Administrative Members and to and to report any new information by e-mail, phone, or in person during anti-aging conferences.


This should not be very time-consuming and is a win-win situation where your presence and that of the country you represent, enriches the World Society, and your position in WOSAAM enhances your status in the eyes of your patients and colleagues with a titled position in an important international scientific society. It also gives you an opportunity to be a positive influence on anti-aging medicine not only in your country but also worldwide.


It is the opinion of WOSAAM's Board of Directors that a World Society can grow only with the participation of a variety of nationalities and by the professional quality of their delegates.

More than one delegate can represent each country and that lightens the work of each delegate.

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A World Health Organisation's letter for the WOSAAM


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