The Non-profit-making association "World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine"- abbreviated WOSAAM- has the Aim ::


To promote medical therapies that optimise quality of life, promote physical and mental health and improve longevity by slowing senescence, and attenuating or reversing age-related diseases.


To promote diagnostic methods that help detect and evaluate age-related diseases or processes or any parameter important for medically preventing or providing therapeutic interventions as mentioned above.


To promote research that may bring progress in diagnosis or treatment of age-related diseases or other senescent processes or consequences.


The World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM) is pursuing the objective of engaging, encouraging, and supporting basic, biological and general medical research, not limited to anti-aging medicine, as well as engaging, encouraging and supporting its application in the clinical field worldwide.


"...because while aging is a well-defined path, we can study it and plan it in such way as to get rid of diseases until we die..."


To reach this aim the association can take any initiative, which is in direct or indirect connection with the social aim, thereby promoting it. First, it can use any existing method of communication.


The association can in an unlimited way, organize nationally or internationally, congresses seminars, symposia's, conferences, conventions and courses, that may or may not result in awarding a certificate.


To provide leadership in and assistance to programs of graduate and continuing professional education; to develop and promote the highest standards of practice for anti-aging medicine.


It can produce radio and television broadcasts or use any audiovisual means. It may create internet websites, send or find information through or on the internet, or use any other existing or future means of communication.


To reach its social aims the association can create financial funds, appeal for subsidies, receive donations, enter into borrowing and other means of financing.


Equally part of the association's aims is the administration and management of the real estate it owns, and this in agreement with its aforesaid social aim.


The association can take legal action and political initiatives to intervene in case institutions or medical organisations act against the aim the association has established.

Representing all continents WOSAAM's Board of Directors consists of the following members ::
President Thierry HERTOGHE, MD (Belgium)
Vice-President USA Suzie SCHUDER, MD (USA)
Vice President Europe Christophe DE JAEGER, MD (France)
Vice President Asia Deby Sushanti-Vinski (Indonesia)
General Secretary Marie-Christine Lhermitte (Belgium)
Vice Secretary Dr. Pakpilai THAVISIN, MD (Thailand)
Treasurer Marie-Francois (Belgium)
International Scientific advisory Board ::
David MC CHAN, MD University of British Colombia (Canada)
Anoop CHATURVEDI, MD Anti-Aging Medicine And Research (India)
Claude CHAUCHARD, MD Asia Pacific advisor (Hong Kong)
Walter KING, Prof. Chinese University of Hong Kong
Mario KRAUSE, MD Medical Spa Scientific Director (Germany)
Ascanio POLIMENI, Prof. Italian Academy of Anti-aging Medicine
Deby SUSHANTI Indonesian Institute of Anti-aging medicine (Indonesia)
Ronald VIRAG, MD Cardiologist Surgeon
Toshikasu YOSHIKAWA, Prof. Japanese Society of Anti-aging Medicine
Stefan ZGLICZYNCKI, Prof. Polish Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
Major National and International societies have already joined the World Society.



A World Health Organisation's letter for the WOSAAM


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